Child Marriage

Child marriage is something found in all communities in Malaysia; it is also to be found in the Rohingya refugee community here.

Our community documentation on Child Marriage in the Rohingya Community in Penang sets out the many factors and issues related to child marriage.

It also sets out what is needed to tackle the issue, at both national and community level.

We have been very active on this issue for the last three years. Initially training three teams of refugees - women, men and religious leaders - in partnership with PS The Children, we then have been supported by the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (through the Canadian High Commission) to develop the community-based work and outreach.  

The initiatives follow one part of the methodology suggested in our Report, which is to work quietly with different groups in the community, to raise awareness about the issues related to child marriage and go through the reasons why people may choose to marry young or marry their daughters young. Of course the idea is to change attitudes and work towards the eradication of the practice (which, to repeat, is not only an issue for the refugee community in Malaysia).


So the women's team (all refugees) have been very active in arranging a number of sharings and talks with other women and youth in their local communities, as well as taking the messages to teachers in learning centres providing education for refugees. The men's group has held a number of community discussions and the religious leaders are also active in attempting to persuade their colleagues not to authorise a child marriage.

Meanwhile a Malaysian giovernment National Strategy to Address the Factors relating to Underage Marriage was launched late in 2019 but sadly has disappeared from view following a change in government and in personnel at the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. Working towards the implementation of such a national strategy will be crucial in helping eradicate child marriage, not least the enforcement of a minimum age of marriage at 18 years old. We con tinue to support these wider efforts too.

Slowly but surely........

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