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Working for Change

A key part of ASPIRE Penang’s work is to support the confidence, skills and opportunities needed for women, men, teenagers and children in the community to articulate their own experiences, hopes and aspirations, "Our Voice, Our Experience" reflects an often-heard phrase emphasizing the importance of supporting refugees to speak and advocate for themselves.

The following pages describe the kind of initiatives and aims of our work related to supporting leadership and supporting documentation by the community for themselves and their advocacy. The importance of getting womens' voices heard is a high priority.

All this follows our Core Principles​ which provide a road-map towards empowerment.

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Futures are at stake: initiatives inspiring hope and change are essential

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"It is long-term, challenging work but lots of good things have happened and an increasing number of wonderful people are involved, including supportive partners, volunteers and of course the women, men and teenagers from the refugee community!"         -- Refugee Community Worker

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