Good Start Learning Centre

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The Good Start Learning Centre (GSLC) is a refugee-run pre-school for 60 children (girls and boys) aged between four and six.  It is the only pre-school for refugee children in Penang.   It started from the efforts of a refugee who was teaching four young children in his front room because there was no other educational opportunity for the children. From this small community-based beginning, GSLC now has its own location providing basic literacy and numeracy skills and a curriculum which includes the teaching of vital social skills. 


The committed and dedicated teachers are drawn from the refugee community. Parental and community involvement is very much encouraged and links to our wider community-based work. Outings are organised, supported by local partners and friends. The networks created through the school provide a means of dissemination to share critical community information and parent education. Parent-teacher meetings are very well attended, with some 70% of families participating.  A key advocacy target is simply for the Malaysian government to give every child in Malaysia the right to education, which is the right to a future.  We are happy to help work towards making that a reality.


“We are so proud of our efforts.  We have our own school and the beginning of a future for our children.” - Refugee parent 

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