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Coalition Building

We are very concerned that our community-based work not exist in isolation from other opportunities and challenges. The idea that everything is linked is one of our Core Principles. Building coalitions has always been fundamental to our approach, both within and extending outward from refugee communities.  


We have long engaged with UNHCR, not least in trying to help make real the UNHCR Malaysia’s Strategic Directions 2017-2021.


We also interact with other non-refugee groups. In Penang, we have supported the Penang Working Group, a coalition of organisations,  as a way of bringing different groups together to effectively address needs in Penang.


We have helped organise community awareness events like the Refugee Fest in Penang, working with Beyond Borders and refugees from the Klang valley.


And we feed in to discussions and events highlighting issues related to our community work, including issues of human trafficking, statelessness, what the Sustainable Development Goals mean for groups like refugees and migrants, and how to ensure all forums and discussions about refugee and migrant issues actually include refugees and migrants.


For more information of some of the wider work, please see our parallel website,

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Discussion with UNHCR

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Participation in official government meeting on human trafficking

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