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Community Leadership

Part of the work of ASPIRE Penang is support for community leadership.


This has involved the patient identification and work with women, men and teenagers from different locations in Penang to bring them together to share experiences, ideas for hope and change and to identify common advocacy positions.


Some 40 such leaders now meet regularly.

At the same time, we make the most of opportunities presented by initiatives like the football project or adult education projects to directly involve participants in learning how to manage such projects for themselves.


This involves training and on-going support which cover such topics as financial management, project planning and leadership roles. This is often completely new to participants and very exciting!  It is part of our long-term vision of a more confident, resilient, aware community fully able to decide things for themselves. 


The development of the Penang Working Group is also a crucial part of our long-term strategy. This Group brings together refugees with local NGOs and others working with refugees, as well as UNHCR representatives for information exchange, sharing of ideas and agreement of common advocacy positions.

comm meeting in office 280719 - Copy.jpg

One of the many community meetings, full of ideas and plans!

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