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UNHCR Malaysia

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Malaysia  is a key partner, given its default role and responsibilities for the registration, resettlement and welfare of refugees in the country. (The Malaysian government has ceded responsibilities on refugee matters to UNHCR).


We work closely with UNHCR on specific challenges facing particular refugee women, children and men, with regard to registration, resettlement, or other situations. We also help refer families as necessary, as well as cases of human trafficking, abduction, arrest and detention and other situations arising from the vulnerability of refugees in this country.


We work with UNHCR on child protection issues and on education issues. Our Good Start learning Centre is a recognised educational facility by UNHCR's Education Unit and we update our records and enrolments with this Unit. 


We also have promoted exchange and discussion with other partners in Penang, including refugee leaders, via the Penang Working Group. We have consistently encouraged wider strategic discussions to help coordinate efforts and advance advocacy on the common and challenging issues facing refugees in Penang and across Malaysia.


Check out the UNHCR Malaysia website for more details of their activities:


Meeting with UNHCR team at our offices in Penang, February 2022.

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