Partners and Supporters

In addition to the members of the Penang Working Group, we work with a range of partners on a number of different initiatives.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is a key partner, given its role and responsibilities for the registration, resettlement and welfare of refugees in the country.   We link to UNHCR both on wider strategic discussions as well as with the different units, including Protection, Education, Health, and Livelihoods to advocate on behalf of the needs of refugees.   Check out the UNHCR Malaysia website for more details of their  activities:


An important partner is Persatuan Jaringan Global Islam Masa Depan (JREC). JREC provides partial support for the computer classes. And we also work with JREC with regard to community trainings, supporting their community centre, and in their wider work on refugee education. Check out JREC at


Fugee (aka Payong) has been a key partner in delivering three community based youth projects in 2019, namely the football project, the teenage learning projects, and the development of a community centre at Telok Bahang, Penang. For more:

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF or Doctors Without Borders) has a strong and invaluable presence in Penang, providing health services in a comprehensive and highly professional manner. Click the name for the site link.

Our membership of the Migrant Workers Right to Redress Coalition (MWR2R) has seen us working on producing and lobbying for a Comprehensive Policy on Labour Migration for Malaysia. The hope is that many of the recommendations will be adopted by the government in the near future.


Beyond Borders has been inspirational in the planning and delivery of Refugee Fest, a refugee-run annual event highlighting the talents and challenges of the different refugee communities in Malaysia. Find them on Facebook: Beyond Borders Malaysia.

International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC)  works on issues related to gender-based violence in the refugee community. Check them out at


Tenaganita are a very-well established organisation on the forntline of work with migrants and refugees. They combine campaigning with casework and have extensive experience of the range of issues. In Penang, amongst other things, it provides a shelter. Find them at

PS The Children - partners on issues of child trafficking and child protection;


Heriot Watt University - partner on a digital technology project

JREC school.jpg

A JREC Education Centre for refugees

advocacy mwr2r at forum 141118.jpg

Presentation of MWR2R Report to Independent Committee on Management of Foreign Workers, for government consideration