Youth Football Project

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In recent years, the social fabric of refugee communities like the Rohingya has been frayed significantly through violence, forced migration and poverty.  In Penang, refugees live in dispersed communities where the potential for personal growth, empowerment or opportunity is limited.  Lack of employment, restricted access to educational and health services, concerns regarding detention/ stigmatisation, along with fear and concern for the well-being of friends and family remaining in Myanmar/Bangladesh, are pervasive, including among refugee youth.


The Penang Refugee Youth Football League provides healthy physical activity so necessary for well being.  It also creates community and social connections, along with a sense that the future contains opportunities rather than just dead ends. The League is currently composed of two teams which gather multiple times per week to engage in football practice and games.  Many more refugee youth are keen to join. It aims to harness the innate optimism of young people.


Our refugee community workers make sure that the youth participants are encouraged to take project management responsibility.   They have opportunities to share and learn skills such as leadership, project planning, financial management and group dynamics.