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Youth and Community Education

Refugee teens and young adults have very limited access to formal education in Malaysia.


They are trapped in an environment that presents few avenues for skills or any kind of learning. What work they can or will get is not overed by the law, and is likely to be in dangerous, dirty, and demeaning job categories. Hope for a rewarding and fulfilling future is difficult to hold.


The computer and English language programmes grew out of an expressed interest by refugee youth in Penang for opportunities for self-development. 


The initiative not only provides hope for the future, but also brings youth together, nurturing interaction, mutual support and social cohesiveness. This is very much part of ASPIRE Penang's aim of supporting the development of a stronger, more positive, self-determined, resilient refugee community here in Penang.

In delivering the programmes, ASPIRE Penang ensures that youth themselves are involved in the running of the project(s) and planning for the future. 

Community education initiatives also bring us into positive partnerships with other groups and organisations, all of which helps build strong networks and opportunities for sharing and exchange. Recent partnerships supporting education initiatives have included with the All Parliamentary Group Malaysia on the SDGs (APPGM-SDGs); European Union/Suhakam; the Global Initiatives Resilience Fund; Partners in Asia; L'Oreal Fund for Women; UEFA Foundation for Children; and the Penang-based Entrust. 

pshtc computer class 030819.jpg

Computer classes offer a basic skill to young refugee women and men

english class boys a.jpg

Language classes are well attended: we have for men and for women

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