ASPIRE Penang supports a wide range of initiatives and interventions that involve the refugee community in Penang at no or low cost.


As refugees have limited sources of income and also shoulder obligations to provide financial support to extended family members in refugee camps in Bangladesh and elsewhere, much of the programmes and activities ASPIRE Penang offer need to be subsidised.

The bulk of our operating costs support allowances for our refugee volunteers in their capacities as teachers (three) and community workers (two). Rental and transport for the school are also recurring costs. Administrative expenses are minimal.


With no government assistance, revenue is generated primarily through generous donations by individuals and organisations, supplemented by small grants from the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) and through partnerships with local organisations.

ASPIRE Penang is accountable through the registered society Persatuan Kommuniti Berdikari. This means finances are submitted every year to the Registrar of Societies, part of the Malaysian government.

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