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As you will have seen from this website, our work involves a range of activities and initiatives that are constantly developing and expanding over time.


Given that refugees have no legal or administrative status in Malaysia, living here in what could be described as a limbo existence, they have very limited access to secure income. It is common that much of this is remitted back to families and relatives back in their homeland or in refugee camps in Bangladesh and elsewhere. There is very little possibility for savings. So we need to find external funding for most of the programmes and activities we offer.

Revenue is generated primarily through generous donations by individuals and organisations, supplemented by grant funding from a  variety of sources. All will respect the Core Principles of our work. If you are one of them, thank you.

Our Core Principles ensure that all our resources go to the the refugee community. Refugees are part of all our decision-making processes (we operate as a collective) and non-refugee members give their time and input voluntarily.


The bulk of our operating costs goes towards allowances for our refugee volunteers in their various capacities as teachers, community workers, language class and computer class facilitators, football coach, and running our teams of women, youth, men and religious leaders. Rental and transport for the community work and the school are recurring costs. Administrative expenses are minimal. 

We raise money through our registered society Persatuan Kommuniti Berdikari. This means there is strong accountability. Every year we must submit an annual report together with detailed finance accounting to the Registrar of Societies, under the Societies Act administered by the Malaysian government. 

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