So Glad You're Here!

Hi, this is Denise, and I just love getting to work with my new friends who have lived the refugee life. But they're here now, seeking safety and rebuilding their lives in Penang, Malaysia.

In fact, Aspire Penang emanated from the great work of Penang Stop Human Trafficking Campaign.

Because there is the important advocacy and emergency work that Penang Stop Trafficking does to ensure protection for the refugees, and then there's the next step of helping to rebuild lives.

So, thanks for visiting, and I hope you have taken the time to look at all of the activities our new friends are doing to make life work albeit in a new country.

And—did you look at our donation page where you can support the work? Like sending a child to preschool or support a football/soccer team or help youth learn computers (and the English that goes with it).

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