Addressing the Impact of Covid19
A project funded by the European Union and administered by Suhakam

The impact of COVID-19 of course has had major impact on all communities in Malaysia, including the refugee community.


Elsewhere we have described the initial impact and our collective response in Penang. Starting in December 2020, we also undertook a project following an invitation from the National Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) with the funding support of the European Union. TThis project was a little about providing further assistance to particulatly vulnerable households (40 elderly, 40 single mothers), together with running a series of workshops for the single mothers, providing some support for Covid19 testing, and also organising computer and language classes for longer-term vocational development for youth.

The project was delivered nearly entirely through our refugee team of community workers, community leaders, class facilitators and interviewers. It has been a testament to the skills, motivation and capacity of this group of refugees that the community-based network which has been building so consistently over the years is now able to take on a project like this and meet all the different aspects.




Flood Relief, December 2017